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This word come from "What's up dude?"
"hello! Supado!"
by Rebecca June 08, 2004
Even cuter than hessamyboyfriend. Term of endearment, said to the one you love the mostest. Generally, to the coolest guy ever, Pete Dinardo.
Aw baby, yousamyboyfriend and I lovaaayou.
by Rebecca March 16, 2005
Someone who walks with a slight apeish quality and yells such intellegent comments as "get ye hair cut ya scutty greb" and "nar i iz gonna fuck dat greb up if he comes near meh lyk" Female versions "nar-dettes" tend to go along with whatever their nar-dan boyfriend says and doesn't mind when he borrows her jewellry to look more "bling"
"quick lets leg it before those nar-dans beat the shit out of us with their (fake) burberry head scarves"
by Rebecca November 26, 2003
A really cute guy who is really cute
"Aww he's so cute!"
by Rebecca March 12, 2004
way of being after consuming way too much alcohol.
Jamey went to the bar last night and got so trunked that he couldn't even see straight.
by Rebecca April 18, 2005
Acting crazy, hyper, stupid, etc. usually in the company of close friends at a boring place.
Degrees of word:
So we were at the retreat and had nothing to do so we stood around crazyishnesslying all night.
by Rebecca February 02, 2005
Term of endearment. Slurred wording, said to your lover in a very lovey dovey moment. Best said in a cutsie voice. Only can be said about boyfriends who are totally awesome, like Pete Dinardo.
by Rebecca March 16, 2005

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