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Secret code for porn. Used when discussing in public or whenever deemed nessecary.
"Dude, that was some killer norp you had."

"Yeah man, your mum made all the difference."
by Ramblaron August 15, 2006
When panda bears mysteriously appear on camera and dance frantically. Usually used as a last attempt for a crap show to get ratings. Made popular by the T.V. show South Park.
"Thankyou Token for that report, now its time for PANDA BEAR MADNESS MINUTE"

(pandas rush onto the set and dance frantically)
by Ramblaron August 21, 2006
A love apple refers to a hickey on your Adam's apple.
"Man that is one instense love apple you got there!"

"Yeah I know aye, I could barely talk for five minutes after it."
by Ramblaron November 28, 2006
By doggenfuzzling something, you are screwing it up or making it worse.
"Hey man, I finished our group assignment"

"True dat. How did it end out"

"A few doggenfuzzles here and there"
by Ramblaron August 15, 2006
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