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A usually dark-colored skin mark left on any part of the body after having it sucked for a long period of time.
Your mom gave me a hickey.
by yeah March 22, 2003
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what is given after sucking a part of the body (neck, chest, etc.)causing the blood vessels to break and leaving a bruise.
My boyfriend gave me the biggest hickey, i had to put cover-up on it.
by Jessica January 05, 2005
smooch or kissing marks on any parts of your body while you are making out with your lover. you'll presse your lips on your lover's body-parts and sucks hard till the reddish mark appears.
Jim is so angry when he notices that there is a hickey on his daughter's neck because he knows who did it.
by Adia March 12, 2005
When you suck on someones neck to the point of leaving a huge red mark which can also turn purple or maroon if done right by breaking the blood vessels. Fun to get. Until your parents find out.
Boy: "I love you so much I wanna break your blood vessels!!"
Girl: you mean a hickey?
Boy: yea!
GIRL: I hope my parents don't see it...
by trevham February 21, 2010
the act of sucking ones neck. feels amazing but after when you realize you have to go home and have a giant reddish purple mark on the middle of your neck it isn't so amazing!
cover with lots of make up scarves and hair.
damn you got a hickey.. your gonna be in trouble.
by bladdy November 30, 2009
a pleasureful kiss leavin a dark mark on the skin.
yo! anthony gave kaidie a huge ass hickey on the bus ride to Dorney Park!
by Kaidie July 30, 2004
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