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A very urban word for a Snake.
Bob: "Yo, man watch out for that snack!"

Al: "Good lookin out, Homie."
by ROBOTRON2012 March 12, 2009
term used when hollering at a girl.
Oh shit dawg, look at that talent! excuse me, i need to sling a slong.
by ROBOTRON2012 March 27, 2009
The act of Analingus; salad tossing. Much like afish sandwich,except, the anus is the target of the oral stimulation.
She's so fine, I'd eat that crap sandwich!
by ROBOTRON2012 November 02, 2009
A young jerk off. Usually a cousin of your friend.
"awww, why'd you bring Alex to the butt naked?, he's a zygote"
by ROBOTRON2012 March 18, 2009
An underage girl. usu. hot.
Person1: Whoa that chick is hot, man!
Person2: Damn, she's a snatchling, dude!
Person1: I don't care, look at that ass!
Person2: What is she, like 12?
Person1: No way! She's at least 13.
by ROBOTRON2012 April 02, 2009
A adjective used in place of rebellious.
"Ain't nothin' wrong with goin to the scrip club, I was just bein' rebellion."
by ROBOTRON2012 March 18, 2009
This word describes a girl whos only positive attributes are her face and tits. Hence, fits.
Nelly: "Yo man, did you love sanchez?"
Dean: "Naw, man she was just a fits, plus she had man hands."
by ROBOTRON2012 March 18, 2009

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