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A British military expression/acronym standing for, "person of no tactical importance." Usually restricted to combat service support troops such as supplies, engineering maintenance and other non-combat troops. American equivalent is REMF

Used to describe someone of little use, neither use nor ornamnet
That man couldn't find his arse with both hands. He's a complete ponti.
by RFN March 05, 2008
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A close word to words like own and pwn.
I ponti you! I got 20 ponti frags and you only got 2!
by Dheam January 20, 2006
Clueless monomaniacal buffoon.
That guy is such a ponti. He'll spend half an hour in the bathroom, in front of a mirror, combing his hair 'just so'; and then he'll walk out with toilet paper hanging from his open fly. (He thinks people are smiling because they're happy to see him)
by Ponti's Mother February 13, 2008

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