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New Canaan is a small town about 45 min. outside NYC that is located in Fairfield County. An even ritzier lifestyle then that of the OC, people in NC are classy and of course preppy. Most likely if you live here, your family owns more then one house, has a variety of luxury vehicles to choose from and one or more of your parents commutes to NYC by train or limo. Parents make loads of money, participate in cocktail parties, play tennis and cart around their younger kids to soccer practice and such. Teenagers have nothing better to do then spend their parents money on expensive clothes, drugs and alcohol, so it's no surprise it has the highest rate of underage drinking in the country. However, they still manage to take home state championships in sports such as soccer, lacrosse and hockey and eventually go off to the Ivy Leagues. While you reside in New Canaan, there are a couple things to remember. It is Beirut, NOT "beer pong". Do not be surprised to see parents participating in drinking events right next to their kids. If the town seems deserted in the summer, you can take a short plane ride to Nantucket and discover most of New Canaan there. D-Baggers can at times be fun to party with, but at ANY sports event must always be considered the enemy. Pop your collar. And finally, don't be alarmed if kids between the ages of 12 and...well, up, closely fit the description of an alcoholic.
If you don't have at least 6 friends that drive jeeps, then get the hell out.
by Prep March 31, 2005
preppy and waspy apparel at it's best. more commonly referred to as just "lilly"
I'm heading up to the Cape, I'm bringing just the essentials - Lilly and sunscreen.
by prep April 22, 2005
A high-quality clothing store meant for classy, mature adults. I don't know why people are saying that J. Crew is a preppy, bitch store. It isn't. They have really nice flip flops, knee-high socks, and cashmere gloves though.
I look classy in these Italian leather loafers, eh?
by prep March 09, 2005
fish, chicken fingers, fries and chips put inot 2 words. made up by my best friends
do you want some fitchin chingers
by prep April 09, 2005
really cool skool! so much fun there. so awsome, but way to much homework. and some terrible teachers. but other wise, it's the best!
teacher 1: okay, so you have to write 5 pages about the civil war by tomorrow because you talk to much!
teacher 2: what are you saying, let them have fun, there's a dance tonight!
by prep April 09, 2005
A really bad clothing store for men, women and child. They specialize in nothing but corny glittery tees that have pictures of dogs or cats on them or try to mimick more popular stores like abercrombie, hollister, and aeropostale. All other clothing sucks, and once you buy it you will only wear it once and never wear it again.
Amanda: Isn't the dog on my shirt so cute!?
Kaitlyn: No! You look like a seven year old! And you should REALLY stop shopping at Old Navy.
by prep February 21, 2005

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