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powerful, rich, white, and preppy
Dubya is so fucking waspy.
by 4ts October 19, 2004
An abbrevation for White Anglo-Saxon Prostestant. Basically it refers to a place that has no coulored people.
Man, that school is so waspy. They only have like 2 black kids and an Asian.
by WaspyTownKid101 April 04, 2010
rich, stuck up white girl, posh family
damn, that bitch is so damn waspy, it'd be an honour to smash her
by byHiggs June 15, 2013
The opposite of Buzzin'

When someone is extremely angry or having a go at someone else.
Person 1: I hate you, you suck! why'd you sleep with my mother?

Person 2: Alright mate, it was her idea. Don't get "waspy"
by FranFranFranFran October 15, 2011
1. A word to describe someone who is moody, aggressive, temperamental, unpredictable, short-tempered and capricious.

i.e. Having the characteristics of a wasp.
Look at Daniel's glare, he is being very waspy today.
by crispbake4 October 13, 2010
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