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Sex with one or more dead animals that are on fire and the same gender as the initiator.
So the guy just picked up this clearly male squirrel, broke its neck, set it on fire, and started buttfucking it, cuz he's into homopyronecrobeastiality.
by PositiveZero November 01, 2005
Sexual attraction to extraterrestrials.
You think your girlfriend's a freak? Mine's into xenophilia - I have to wear green antennae every time I wanna have sex.
by PositiveZero December 01, 2005
Complete engrossment in one's Blackberry, resulting in voluntary blindness and total ignorance of one's environment.
VJ: Dude why did you plow over that old lady?
Mike: I just had to finish the last line of that email. Total blackberry blindness.
by PositiveZero April 11, 2008
The most flaccid statement in all of history. It is scientifically impossible to fit more ridiculous into three fucking words.
"Wait, so if nothing is impossible, is it possible that something IS impossible? Man, what the fuck."
by PositiveZero April 10, 2008
Spending over $100,000 in taxpayer funds to implement a shit collection of shit band-aid solutions on some existing piece of fucking shit.
Gov guy 1: "Man, I can't believe you spent a hundred bucks on that piece of shit car."
Gov guy 2: "Yeah, it's not gonna work. We better invest a few hundred K in improving it."
Gov guy 1: "You know you can get a solid, working car for $10,000, right?"
Gov guy 2: "Yeah, but then I'd have to admit that I threw away that initial hundred bucks, and I'm much too proud. So, you know, I'ma implement The Platinum Solution"
by PositiveZero April 14, 2008
The most dreaded words in the English] language. May be used by:

1) bosses to survey how productive an employee is being on a task. Chances are, said employee hasn't been working so much as he has been writing UrbanDictionary definitions.

2) girls (and gay men) who want to survey the status of a relationship. Chances are, the guy (or somewhat dignified girl) has to sugarcoat the fact that he or she is using said girl or gay guy for his or her body, and nothing more.
Boss: Sooo where do we stand? Did you implement that absurdly disinteresting software feature?
Employee: *closes multiple browser tabs* Uh... *takes out gun and shoots self in temple*
by PositiveZero March 16, 2007
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