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Sexual attraction to extraterrestrials.
You think your girlfriend's a freak? Mine's into xenophilia - I have to wear green antennae every time I wanna have sex.
by PositiveZero December 01, 2005
The technical definition is sexual attraction toward the unknown, or that which is different.

Those who identify as Xenophiliacs typically feel sexual desires for one or more fictional races of aliens, mutants, or other sentient beings that are not human in movies, books, etc

It is not limited to any gender or sexuality.
Girl one: Damn - did you see Turtles in Time? There were Raphaels everywhere!

Girl two: Ewwww! He's a mutant freak!

Girl one: You know I'm a xenophiliac. Besides, he's better looking than your boyfriend!
by RogueCheval January 19, 2012
The state of caring so little about your own ancestral heritage, homeland and peoples you are happy to call them racist and invite mass immigration till they are a minority in your own land.
If we don't stop these xenophiliacs we will be a minority in europe by 2038.
by AcePK May 28, 2014

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