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A campaign, mainly selling shirts and bumper stickers, promoting the end of discrimination against all religions, as well as all discrimination.
For Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, Blacks, Whites, Homosexuals -- everyone to get along. To coexist.
A : Oh i bought one of those new coexist bumper show I do not discriminate on religion.
B :! I saw a guy with one of those shirts.
by rhcpluvr1023 August 22, 2007
A belief system which claims tolerance, but is itself a doctrine of absolute belief that all religions are ultimately equal, despite that this violates the law of non-contradiction. (Ironically, many people who espouse the COEXIST dogma also try to use the law of non-contradiction, by citing alleged contradictions in books such as the Quran or the Bible.)

Typically, believers in COEXIST will attempt to impose this belief on any systems which declare contrary absolute doctrine, such as conservative Christians and Muslims. Also, most COEXIST believers do not consciously realize the illogic and self-contradiction in an absolute belief which declares there are no absolute beliefs.
A: You have a COEXIST bumper sticker?
B: Yeah, I don't think any religion has an exclusive claim to the truth.
A: But isn't that itself an exclusive claim that only that belief is true?
by Physics Preacher July 07, 2010
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