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A bunch of busybodies who have nothing better to do than slap sanctions on collegiate athletes and teams for minor things as accepting money, but yet loves to whore out the term "March Madness" to businesses whocan afford the licensing fee!
NCAA needs to get a life!
by Piranha March 25, 2005
Humorous or derisive terminology for two persons who cannot get their hands and/or tongues off of each other in the presence of others.

Get a motel room you two love birds! We're trying to watch the Broncos game here and you are grossing everybody out!
by Piranha September 19, 2006
A rich elitist snob, named after a small snobby city in west central New York State
Damn, she is so Canandaigua since she won't talk to me
by Piranha October 29, 2004
A mental disease infecting lawyers, attorneys and others in the legal profession. Symptoms to be on the watch for include:

1) Hurrying to disaster sites to offer legal assistance, and:

2) Advertising heavily on television commercials, often using self-degrading nicknames such as "The Strong Arm".
Dang, look at "The Strong Arm" making a fool out of himself.What a Ambulance Chaser.
by Piranha August 29, 2006
A term that the subversives at CAIR coined after September 11, 2001 in a attempt to intimidate TSA screeners and other airline employees from doing their job correctly and identifying potential threats to safety and security.
After the five imams were booted off the aircraft, they complained it was another case of flying while muslim.
by Piranha December 04, 2006
A celebrity who sells their "integrity" to corporations and hawks their goods in commercials!
Wasn't that the "Jeopardy" host on that commercial saying how good a phonics program is?

Yes, one of the hoardes of celebrity prostitutes
by Piranha November 04, 2004
The best infliction to have ever hit caucasians. Signs of having contracted yellow fever includes extreme attraction and affection towards Asians of the opposite sex.
Oh my, have you seen Mimi and Lily? They are both so hot!

Calm down Douglas, you have a major case of yellow fever!
by Piranha July 18, 2006

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