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A bunch of rats who insist on forcing their religious beliefs on the general public at all costs, including harassment.
A whole bunch of Jehovah's Witness freaks woke me up on my day off last week, what a bunch of subversive losers!
by Piranha April 24, 2006
The premiere schoool in the state of Georgia, the only lacking disadvantage is the lack of ladies!
AAh......time for hard studies and importing ladies from Athens for the weekend!
by Piranha January 13, 2005
A extremely chubby thing of undetermined gender who is posing as a diesel female on the ABC television series The View.
Rosie O' Donnell thinks she's all that? I'd do Star Jones over Rosie anyday.
by Piranha October 14, 2006
The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a highly subversive and controversial organization whose main goal is to force Islam's religion and culture on the United States. CAIR'S major agenda includes:

1: Strongarming corporations into islamicizing their workplaces to conform to muslim culture.

2: Actively resists any legitimate profiling of muslim air travelers with SSSS secondary security screening by encouraging lawsuits against airlines that do it.
TSA screener: Excuse me sir, you have been selected for a SSSS screening. Please follow me over to those chairs.

Passenger: You are doing this because I'm from the middle east! I'm going to report you and the airline to CAIR!

by Piranha June 09, 2006
A derisive name for someone of arab descent, from the turbans they wear.

If that towelhead goes on my flight, I'm gonna make the airline re-book me onto another flight!
by Piranha July 15, 2005
An effective blackmail folks like to use when they don't get their way.
Police officer: "Sir, sorry but you cannot panhandle in the park"

Panhandler: "Yes I can, that's my god given freedom of speech."

Police officer: "You have to move on now sir or risk a citation"

Panhandler: "I'm gonna NAACP you and the city!"
by Piranha March 14, 2005
Anyone who unconditionally believes in George W. Bush's assinine policies.
George W. Bush can rely on his loyal legion of Bushbots such as Rush Limbaugh day in and day out.
by Piranha February 09, 2007
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