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In the world of espionage, the romeo is a male who is carefully placed within a high level government agency to seduce lonely females placed high in the government,and use emotional and/or romantic blackmail to gain sensitive information about the government's activities.

Females also were used in this capacity during the cold war, and were thus called romiettes.
The Warsaw Pact intelligence agencies routinely placed romeos into western governments to engage in subversive activities and influence.
by Piranha October 25, 2006
Please refer to RINO and Republicrat.The prime candidate for switching affiliation to the Democrats.
John McCain wastes too much time on caring about how the Gitmo detainees are treated over this nation's safety. What a Republican In Name Only.
by Piranha September 30, 2006
The smokin' hot actress who portrays "Sarah Graiman" on NBC's reincarnation of Knight Rider.
Deanna Russo can have my Babies!
by Piranha March 24, 2009
Truly the summit of beauty and talent. Arielle is a up and coming but accomplished actress with roles on movies and television shows such as " American Pie Presents: Band Camp", "The Grudge 2", "Gilmore Girls", and "Entourage".
Everytime I see Arielle Kebbel, she makes my heart melt!
by Piranha April 18, 2007
The voice of senile people!
Oh, here goes the AARP defending seniles right to drive though they'll more than likely plow down people!
by Piranha November 21, 2004
The federal cabinet agency of the US Government that pools registrations of all US males ages 18 to 26 for possible coerced enlistment in the military in the event of a war.

While they threaten all registration evaders with 5 years in federal prison and a $250,000 dollar fine, I'm sure all the rich Republicrat politicians kids are all exempt from the requirement.

Look at Selective Service forcing all these young Americans to sign up..what a Soviet like agency.
by Piranha May 04, 2006
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