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The only city in Florida that contains in breeds as well as rednecks!
Hey JAX and Duval County, I'm shocked you don't petition to leave Florida and try to be admitted into Georgia!
by Piranha May 12, 2005
A crappy city in the state of Georgia.....the ONLY people that love to pay homage to Atlanta being "The Weather Channel, CNN, as well as all these dumb rappers!
Can I go for five minutes without hearing a reference to Atlanta on The Weather Channel, CNN, or any of the rap crap on MTV?? I don't think so.
by Piranha November 03, 2004
The best music group to have ever hit the stage, puts all the other bands to shame.Anyone who disses PCD is just jealous of them!
Damn, I need The Pussycat Dolls to give my a private concert for my birthday next year, how about it Nicole? ;)
by Piranha July 21, 2006
The liberal and homosexual capitol of the United States whose mayor intentially broke California law simply so he could promote his pro homosexual agenda!
San Francisco is the most immoral city in the United States.
by Piranha May 12, 2005
Typical of University of Georgia girls who like to snake out of commitments for the school!
That UGA girl is a snake!
by Piranha November 08, 2004
A once funny comedian, but has unfortunately transformed himself into a racist hack of La Raza.
After George Lopez's show was cancelled by ABC, he said "TV was becoming too white".
by Piranha October 08, 2007
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