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The end part of a penis designed so that your hand doesnt slide off when your having a wank
get ma bellend in your mouth bitch
by Paul B January 09, 2004
The marsupial like pouch in a woman's abdomen used to store quarts upon quarts of man juice.
Check out the cum pouch on that chick.
by Paul B April 24, 2003
a woman who seems attractive at a long distance but becomes incresingly hideous as she gets closer.
Damn when I saw her from across the street she looked hot but when I got closer she looked like my dog's ass, what a miler.
by Paul B April 24, 2003
Brown sweaty hoop surrounding ones shithole.
Lick my ringpeice you tart
by Paul B January 09, 2004
1. Magical monk-baked pastry loaf.
2. High stakes Mesopotamian board game.
3. Sound produced when yogurt dollops are dropped in searing liquid.

adj 1. Unflappable(after legendary crusader Marion~)
2. Multi-legged and aural.
by Paul B March 22, 2003
a Fictional object, often used in a wind up in my office.
Biffo could you pass me the Duphelshankie, I think Chris had it with the Dubetron valve.
by Paul B February 15, 2004
A word used while arguing with a friend or workmate, a
must be pronunced as one word for best effect
Melrose ya dick when are you going to get a grip, Hearts are shit Cockinthegub
by Paul B February 13, 2004
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