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it means


in (mandarin) Chinese.

wo is I, ai is LOVE, ni is YOU
Wo ai ni. = I love you.
Ta shi wo ai ren. = She/He's my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend.
by paddy December 08, 2003
A particularly loose and baggy pussy!
She had a real clowns pocket. It was like stirring a bucket of raw bacon.
by Paddy October 21, 2003
A state of confusion, insecurity, paranoia and fear, usually drug induced, often humourous.
"I haven't slept in five days, i've just lost my job, my girlfriend's fucked off with my brother. Why am i smoking this skunk? What the fuck's going on? What am i gonna do mate?"

"Ha, dunno mate-sounds a bit prang"
by Paddy December 02, 2003
sit down or relax
"not cumin out man im cotchin"
by Paddy September 28, 2003
great what else is needed
none said
by paddy January 03, 2004
1) to frigg ones self 2) To carryout a form of sexual pleasure on another person or youself. 3)correct term is materbation.
"Jackie could not answer the door as she was frigging herself in the kitchen"

"Nick was frigging soph in the bath"

"Sandy was frigging herself in the hall-way and al tripped over her."

"Frigg me now trev" says marie

"Frigg off"
by paddy October 01, 2003
I hung out the back of your mama last night!
by Paddy October 21, 2003

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