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1) A sarcastic expression used to denote annoyance or frustration.
2) A term used when you just dont give a fuck
3) Look, my dick and balls are bigger than yours.
"Hey let me borrow your car."
"Why don't you borrow deez nuts."
by PMR February 25, 2003
What fat and/or ugly girls do to guys who want to hook up with their cute girl friends.
Cockblocking is not nice. Fat girls do it because they can't get any so they get jealous and try to prevent other guys from giving the dick to their thinner, hotter girl friends. If you are a hot, horny girl and your ugly, fat friend tells you that that guy you want to bone is a player and/or has STD's, she's not really protecting you, she's just being a bitch-ass cockblocker cause she don't want you to get laid and be all happy. Cockblockers are messed like that
by PMR February 24, 2003
Person who cannot have one night stands, after the night in question they must txt and fall in love with the person they slept with even if their rank.
Harvey;lads ive just txt thet rank mackem lass again.

The Lads; shut up you Love Muppet
by PMR July 10, 2004
1) A lazy useless friend who is a leach and has no life.
2) A girl/woman who can't get enough dick and smells like shit.
Quit bugging me fuckin' whorebag.
by PMR February 24, 2003

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