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To light a cigarette while waiting for a bus at a bus stop. Derived from the belief in murphy's/sod's law, which states that a bus (on which smoking is not permitted) will always arrive shortly after a cigarette is lit.
(Man waiting for bus): "Ill just summon the bus.."
by oracle March 07, 2005
Inner London motorway system planned in the 1970s but never built (hence the horrendous jams today). Term can be used for any worthwhile government project that never materialises, such as the often touted "Birmingham underground" system.
The government will never build an underground system in Birmingham. It will be just like the London Box. Maybe there was a deal in the 1960s that Birmingham will get reasonable roads and London will get reasonable trains.
by oracle January 31, 2005
Large council estate (US: "Project") in north Birmingham. Full of burning cars and gunfights.
"Shit me how did we end up in castle vale?!? Lock the doors.."
by oracle March 12, 2004
Yellow reflective vest, popular with roadworkers, fork lift truck drivers, ravers and residents of Tamworth.
Oi! Who nicked my hi-vis?
by oracle February 05, 2004
What someone pretends to do shortly before dangerous activity, eg heavy drinking or a drug session.
Man talking into hand: "Hello, I'd like to book an ambulance... yes, 10 o'clock please..."
by oracle March 07, 2005
Truely hard core road in north Birmingham, officially the A38(M). 7 lanes of mayhem, with tidal flow and no divider, which all ends up at Spaghetti Junction. Class.
The title screen of "Fifth Gear" on channel 5.
by oracle January 25, 2005
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