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Subordinate status of Chrisitans and Jews under traditional Muslim rule -- couldn't ride a horse, couldnt repair places of worship, etc. Today, the condition Chiraqistan and other Zeropean countries are sinking into.
Under Chirac, non-Muslim France is sinking into a state of total dhimmitude.
by octopod May 01, 2004
What happens to your pecker in cold water. From a Seinfeld episode.
"Lorena, I don't really have a needle dick. I just got out of the pool!"
"Here, let me cut it off with these nail scissors,"
by Octopod November 21, 2003
Zip it up. I won't fuck you.
Can I just stick it in a little? I'm so horny!

I'd let you, but I don't want to ruin our friendship.
by octopod July 11, 2004
An ironic riposte to an emotional or invective-laden tirade, meaning, more or less, "You've achieved the maximum of outrage."
So you say the teacher is a festering, mold-encrusted, reeking squid.

Now tell us how you really feel!
by octopod May 27, 2006
A bit from a comedy or other showbiz routine; by extension, any person's idiosyncratic performance. From Yiddish "shtick" = Ger. "stuck", meaning "piece."
I asked him for me $20 back, and he went into his usual shtick -- something about losing at pinochle.
by octopod January 23, 2004
The detail (usually unpleasant) that changes everything.
The kicker was, Mephisto was supposed to get Faust's soul -- forever!
by Octopod November 09, 2003
The first you-name-the-ethnic-group has moved in, and the racist neighbors are restless.
"We're from Remulac. It's a village in France."
"There goes the neighborhood."
by Octopod November 05, 2003
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