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The act of looting an item off a monster that you or your party has recently killed before anyone else has a chance.
Scree is king of the ninja loot'ers.
by Oberon March 31, 2003
loosen up and stop being uptight
Don't get too hot-blooded; cool it!
by oberon August 15, 2004
It should be noted that while force is not exactly the amount of energy applied to an object, it is the instantaneous amount of energy applied per distance when not balanced by other forces. Forces can consist of troops and their equipment, whose bullets, by the way, transfer enough force to cause damage to most materials.
Change in energy of an object in motion is the cross product (sum of component products of two vectors) of the sum of applied forces and the change in position.
by oberon August 15, 2004
Acronym for Kill Monster Over and Over. A popular but limited activity in online computer role-playing games.
The only thing you can do in EverQuest is kmoo.
by Oberon March 30, 2003
loosen your wedgie so you're not so crotchety; be less reactive. see chill, cool it
A guy worried bout the rain
always lookin wa'sup:
That can be a real pain;
just say "man, loosen up."
by oberon August 15, 2004

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