45 definitions by OSCAR

Stupid faggot-ass bitch who defined GMM pointlessly and challenged the Great Oscar
See The second definition of GMM not defined by Oscar
by Oscar December 09, 2004
Hector when he goes to La Boom and sits down as other guys pick up chicks and dance.
"Hector is a pussy faggot!"
"Don't be a pussy faggot and just sit there!"
"Damn pussy faggot! Just sitting there and shit and doing nothing!"
"Pussy faggots get no chicks!"
by Oscar March 07, 2005
a word to emphasise the point
raa tis ot true tis
by Oscar December 20, 2003
to take a shit
It's 1:15pm time for our daily meeting
by oscar February 06, 2004
Shitty football team from Miami who always get their asses kcked by the Patriots.They're the biggest group of choke artists in the NFL.
The dolphins always blow dick
by Oscar September 13, 2004
Nomar Garciaparra... YEH FUCKIN RITE try Nomar Gayciaparra... He is gay with Lo Merloni and u assholes might say wat about Mia Hamm shes a lebian with sum 1 yet to be named (Rosie O Donnel?????). WHY IN THE HELL WOULD THE SOX BRING BAK THAT SAP MERLONI?? Wat in the fuck did he do for us ooo wait i no he hit a whopping 2 homeruns and batted in an astounding 19 runs. well anyways thatnks for takin the time to read my definition
Carlos: Man this is Gayciaparra lets leave.
Oscar: This ios so Rosie O Donnel
by Oscar September 18, 2004
Look up "Pie Grande". Same guy
Damn chubby chaser!!! She weighs two hundred pounds and you hit it!!!
by Oscar April 18, 2005

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