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Remote control for an elecrtonic appliance.
Where's the doofer for the telly
by Ste-vo July 30, 2003
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A Doofer can be anything. When you can't think of the name of an object or item just replace the unknown name with doofer and hey presto.
"Margret Wheres thats doofer for the wotsit?"
by Mc Numpty March 20, 2004
A person who enjoys taking illegal substances and listening to loud repetitive music while jumping up and down and moving in unusual ways. see off guts
Allan is a doofer he loves dumping and going to a rave
by OGP August 27, 2003
A doofer is a remote but is mainly used by people asking for it when they cant be stuffed too walk the meter to get it themsleves
not very commonly used for this definition but its still used by my cousin
hey Remy pas us the doofer
by Remy May 08, 2005
A wotsit
by Foul Ole Ron October 28, 2003
A hamburger packaging device that contains your hamburger during consumption, licensed in Australasia by Burger Fuel, an award winning gourmet hamburger franchise.
This hamburger tastes much better in a Doofer
by Roland Matthews January 23, 2007
Refers to any remote control for any electronic device. eg Television, Video Player, DVD Player, hi-fi, etc
Dude have you see the doofer?
down the side of the couch?
by The Lundquist June 18, 2006

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