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An expression used to describe a helpful and/or pleasant occurence.
I finally fucked her!! I'm no longer a pussy!!
Some guy walking by: Shibby!
by Nytehauq August 21, 2003
The way a cockbite, or other wimpy-type persone would say MOTHER FUCKER. See wordmotherfucker.
Get back here with my computer you mo-fo!
by Nytehauq August 21, 2003
One who wanks, or one who engages in intercourse with a monkey's anus.
George bush
It's only beastiallity if you aren't a monkey!!!
by Nytehauq August 21, 2003
One who sells fish, and thusly smells of his mothers vagina.
Thou smelleth of a fishmonger!
by Nytehauq August 21, 2003

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