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According to members of the Red Army, all members of the Blue Army are cockbites. According to members of the Blue Army, all members of the Red Army are cockbites.
"Youuu cockbite!" - Pvt. Dick Simmons
by Ku Genin June 09, 2003
the genetic combination of a rooster and false teeth
number one... that is offensive and....... i am not a cockbite...
by Mung February 19, 2004
the word used on the best web site ever that is said to describe an asshole, dickhead, idiot, n00b, or any other stupid person
That O'mally guy is such a cockbite.
Don't be a cockbite, join Blue Army
by Ha2master September 04, 2005
n. A general insult to someone for any sort of situation in which you are annoyed with them.

A little note on the oragin of the word cockbite...

Cock Bite was first used in red vs blue, and the makers of this popular webseries (filmed in the halo maps) call their group rooster teeth.

Rooster = Cock, and Teeth = Bite.

From this, they created the insult Cock Bite from the name of their own company.

See Rooster Teeth and Red vs Blue
Idiot! You just killed Church! Damn you Cock Bite!
by Aktopus December 07, 2004
A less commonly heard insult, generally used when someone has made a mistake or caused some misfortune for someone else.
Oh you backstabbing cock bite!
by Tucker May 01, 2004
One who bites the big one; eats the weenie; puffs on the white owl; or other wise sucks. Sucks being the key concept, and the concept/word play, for it is both suck as in to apply suction to something (man meat for example), and also suck as in rots, stinks, is being an asshole, etc. Often said in a competitive, shiat talkin' situation such as playing FPS games. Can be used synonymously with asshole, but implies a certain pussy-ish quality to the assholes behavior.
"Stop pouring salt in my beer cockbite."
"Ok, cockbites, who put the cat in the microwave?"
by Team Killing Fuktard July 13, 2003
A person or animal who is consistantly acting in a way unbeffiting of normal people, such as being a jerk, moron, or bitch.
Trenton, you are such a cock bite
by Shuukyoku September 14, 2003
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