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44 definitions by Not so super DJ Gennady

Komani developed game that tests coordination by stepping on arrows on a corresponding pad. The game has some good songs, but is evil because it has the power to possess people to do things they would not usually do. The game may also be phase one in some kind of subliminal Japanese takeover of the world.
You have won DDR, and also the curse that comes with it.
by Not so super DJ Gennady September 12, 2003
1. A technical term that basically says that women want men who are sensetive to theri needs and will respect them for who they are.
2.Asshole guys that just care about getting into their pants and dump them like use tampons after getting what they want.
Ivan: Dude, I hate that shithead!
Gennady:But he's everything women want...
Ivan: I know!
by Not so super Dj Gennady January 08, 2003
1.Complex set of laws about disasters, but leads down to "Anything that can go wrong will."
2. Not fucking Mrs. Murphy
1. My computer died and took my term paper with it!

2. Man, you gotta hide me, Gennady, I just boned Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Murphy has the gun!
by Not so super DJ Gennady September 12, 2003
1. The purple line on the London Underground. This line stretches from Heathrow Airport in West London and goes across the city passing through major sites such as Piccadilly Circus (obvious), Arsenal's stadium, and terminates at Cockfosters.
2. A loose girl is more strung out than this line. (Piccadilly refers to upperclass gentlement who would pick one of the whores that hung out around the statue of Eros in Central London. The whores were nicknamed Dilly's).
Man, that bitch is like the Piccadilly Line, strung out from the airport to the north and working everywhere in between!
by Not so super DJ Gennady June 27, 2003
1.Somewhere that is nowhere.
2.Far away parking lot.
Take the bus, the car's parked in East Bufu
by Not so super Dj Gennady January 08, 2003
A process in which the future of a relationship can be determined by the 3 follwoing lines.
1. I'll call you- You are a fuckhead and trust me, you'll never hear from me again.
2. Let's do lunch- I want to test the waters some more before I jump in with you.
3.Let's do sushi- Means either a) I like sashimi a lot, or b) I want you to fuck me until your cock bleeds in the near future cause you're that incredible.
That girl just wanted to do lunch, what a fucking bitch!
by Not so super DJ Gennady January 16, 2003
1.Having a dispraportionately large head that gets in the way of everyone.
you got a big ol' fat head you bitch!!!!
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 06, 2003