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1.Long, broad region of United States that goes from Maine in the north to Florida in the south. When most people think of the east coast, they think of the area between Boston and DC. This is one of the most industrialized regions of the US besides the rust belt streaching from Pittsburgh to Chicago via Ohio and Indiana. The region contains some of the most prestigious universities in America as well as a lot of history, but is controlled mainly by socialists and is not fun to walk outside in the summer in this region due to the heat and smog.
The one thing the east coast has going for it is it is the east coast--- consequently, it is also its main down point.
by Not so super DJ Gennady June 27, 2003
People from the nation of Russia. There are currently 200,000,000 people around the world who could identify themselves as Russians. Russians have made great strides in the fields of literature, science and math, and of course, military technology. The Russians are traditionally very stubborn, very fierce, and very resourceful. Unlike what others might tell you, Russian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. Russian is also a great language because it has an interesting alphabet.
Dont fuck with the motherland!
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 17, 2003
Volkswagen. The German car company based in Wolfsburg was founded in the 1930's. Its original vehicle they produced was the VW Beetle. These small cars revolutionized the auto industry as people could afford a small-yet-reliable car. VW also produced the notoriously unreliable Bus in the 1960s. After unsuccesful years between the 1970's and the early 1990's -- with the exception of the Golf in Europe-- they had difficulty with their models. Yet, they have succeeded now in becoming one of the most successful automakers of all time by owning all German and Italian car companies with the exception of BMW and FIAT, respectively. VW continues to have the best car colors, a stellar safety record, and the cars should remain affordable unless VW screws themselves over by competing with themselves P&G style.
Gennady rocks while he is behind the wheel of his VW.
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 09, 2003
1. Italian phrase meaning the sweet life. life should be lived to the fullest.
2. Eating your favorite food, seeing your favorite movie, and falling in love/fucking that girl you've always had your eye on-- and all before noon!
I live la dolce vita....or at least in my dreams....
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 05, 2003
1. A great place to get burgers. It has the best burgers and shakes anywhere as well as great sides and other stuff. The waitresses are always friendly AND IT'S OPEN 24/7!!!!
2. I guess you could use it as a euphamism for sexing it up too....
After giving Miranda the Steak 'n Shake, I'm gonna go to Steak 'n Shake!
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 02, 2003
Since the Swiss are among the most neutral people in the world, they will Not take sides in a conflict. The same is true when a person will not take sides. In a sense, tehy are acting like the Swiss as well.
Im going Swiss on your decision if you should fuck Suzie or fuck her roommate instead....
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 17, 2003
Capital of the Catalian region of Spain. The city contains the Sangrada Familia cathedral, a big Picasso museum, and is the home of Real Madrid nemisis, FC Barca.
Montjuic, Nou Camp, and the Columbus statue are other highlights of Barcelona.
by Not so super DJ Gennady August 18, 2003

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