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State that joined the Union in 1863 when the western counties of VA seceded from the aforementioned slave state. The Union Army womped Confederate ass to show that Abe and his boys were in command and not much has happened there since. It is the only state with two panhandles as well. I also really thinkt he other definition (sheep) really brings up a point many cannot ignore, however....
The most famous WV native is Gen. Chuck Yeager...
by Not so super DJ Gennady May 05, 2003
Home of Royal Family, London, and very resillient people, once controlling 1/4 of the world, today this nation of 60,000,000 is a textbook example of the inherent flaws of a socialist governing system including corrupt MPs, crumbling healthcare, and BBC. Good soccer.
So, that MP bought a new Vauxhall with my tax money...shit...
by Not so super DJ Gennady September 11, 2003

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