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A Japanese dish consisting of very thin bite-size slices of fresh raw fish, traditionally served with soy sauce and wasabi.
I can't decide between the sushi or the sashimi because they are both similar.
by Michael West October 02, 2004
The premium pussy; no smell.
Damn, gangsta, Donna's so fuckin' hot, she's gotta be rockin' the sashimi down there.
The pussy (vagina, poon, slit) that don't stank. Referenced to in Cabin fever 2: Spring Fever by Deputy Winston
Guy: "Dude i got the Sashimi last night"

Dude: " Wuts that??"

by MickeyTranstarr July 04, 2011
Taken from the word Japanese word Sashimi, otherwise known as raw rish and applying to/on an individual.

A person who is raw in nature. Seldom socialize with the community and lacks the ability to please the group they hang with. Wants everyone to please him/her only. That person and their characteristic can be said to be SASHIMI, otherwise known as a "Spoilt Child" & someone who craves attention.

Can be used as a description or name but mainly, a person's characteristic which makes people dislike them but have to be around them.
She's so sashimi.

Esther, u think we can go to the concert without Sashimi?

Can u get Sashimi to drive?

Yo, SASHIMI. what's up?

Can you BE any more Sashimi?
by Brother-G July 11, 2005
Japanese female genitalia.

I would suspect of the slightly unclean variety
"Miko's pussy tasted great. Just like the best saba sashimi"
by der Alte Fritz July 05, 2006

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