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Northern England Slang For Having A Piss piss jimmy riddle wee
Ere man, wait here while i have a waz
by AkaKray March 07, 2003
Slang term for urinating
1.hold on, just need to go for a waz

2. my bitch is gettin' larrey lately 'cos i keeps gettin' waz on the crapbowl
by xaD May 08, 2004
'Being a Waz' - making up random excuses for not going out
"you coming out tonight?"

"erm.....nah man i've got a sore throat"
"nah man ive just put a pizza in"

"stop being a waz and come out with us"
by robertc009 February 02, 2008
1. Simple Slang term. Replaces the word "was"
Past tense.

2. Simple slang term. Replaces the word "what" and/or "what is/what's"
Present tense.

(2) Waz up my nigga?
by MTL November 22, 2005
The alternative spelling of the word 'was' usually associated with and implemented in online chatting, texting, posting, blogging, etc...

(also see wazup, wasup)
No.1 :: Waz that you I saw at the party last night?
No.2 :: No way! I wasn't there cause my lady didn't want me to go.
by CDLady May 07, 2008
to ejaculate. Wazzin' Off = masturbating
"i totally wazzed all over her face!"
"I was wazzin' off, and my guidance counselor walked in!"
by large dicks November 20, 2009
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