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The closest thing to a perfect human being. He is so beautiful, both in the flesh and in the roles he portrays. As well as being ridiculously attractive, he is an incredible actor, underappreciated by new generations of fans for his roles in films such as Edward Scissorhands (who knew the eyes could act more effectively than the mouth?), Ed Wood and What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Recent successes include Secret Window, Pirates of the Carribean and Chocolat. Brilliant. He is the epitome of a sex god. Almost too good for planet Earth, baby.
Johnny Depp is absolutely fucking brilliant.
by Nicki November 15, 2004
Hilary Duff is an untalented try hard scrag who is betta off at the bottom of a lake than bursting our eardrums with her stupid sluty songs...
hilary singing: why not do a skanky dance, why not get into my pants, im a stupid whor so why not, why not... u no u want to...
by nicki September 18, 2004
Someone of the male species, that wants and or appears to look like a female.A male that is very feminine, also known as a "shemale"
That gay guy looks like mister sister
by Nicki November 10, 2003
An individual with alot of achne or other bump related scars
"Ohhh girl, look that nigga has a crator-face!"
by Nicki November 10, 2003
fondle touch
1. To touch with the feet;
2. An erotic touch with the feet;
3. To get off with feet, or touch penis/vagina/breast.
4. Sometimes used in roleplaying, to touch someone with your toes or heel and bring pleasure.
Theresa sat at the couch with her lover and began to findle, bringing forth a large bump in his pants.
by Nicki December 02, 2004
A word used to descibe the epitome of sexy. If you find someone attractive you would often use this word.
"phaaor! You is lookin' fine"
by nicki March 19, 2005
a whore bitch slut fucker and fuckes ever boy in the whole damn universe sikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a loving craz lunatic hyper crazy candy eating bitch lol who i love to death <33333333333333333 05 baby
lotara-cvrazy selfsplantory-fuckin hot -funny-my freind
by nicki March 20, 2005
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