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an instrument for writing or drawing with ink, typically consisting of a metal nib or ball, or a nylon tip, fitted into a metal or plastic holder.
The findle is mightier than the sword.

My findle is out of ink.
by 641A Pinwale September 13, 2009
Findle comes from the root words 'fondle' and 'bindle'. A bindle can mean a sack or small package. And fondle means to rub someone's 'no-nos'. Thus the word 'findle' enters the lexicon to mean: When someone secretly rubs their package on another person, specifically their 'no-nos'.
Bro, I forgot to wear underwear to work yesterday and we had this party of 175 sorority girls pack the place out. I findled like 30 of'em, bro!
by Masturbate Furiously September 26, 2011
fondle touch
1. To touch with the feet;
2. An erotic touch with the feet;
3. To get off with feet, or touch penis/vagina/breast.
4. Sometimes used in roleplaying, to touch someone with your toes or heel and bring pleasure.
Theresa sat at the couch with her lover and began to findle, bringing forth a large bump in his pants.
by Nicki December 02, 2004
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