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Body of Origin Eastside Scandinavian

Not to be confused with acne this is a lot worse. It is so disgusing it makes one's body ache and fall to their knees in pain just by looking at it i.e: Achne

Achne -is large olive loaf boils that reside on the backs of Troll Faced Whores or any skanky dirty being. It resembles the texture of a rhinoceros’s behind and the consistency of puss balls of gew such as the cocoon transformation phase of a Magui into a full fledged evil Gremlin.
Did you see that chic with the achne on her back, I bet it would go great with two slices of bread and some mustard?

You better wear knee pads around that chick her achne so bad your femur and patella will break in two when you see it!

Hell boy stay away from that shit that aint acne that’s some stanky infected Achne (Ach-aN-Knee)!
by Luncheonmeat1 January 25, 2010
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