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A curse word to describe someone who disgusts you with their nasty ways of living life.
Friend: Did you hear about Tina?
Me: That she's a nasty bitchslut?
Friend: Yeah, she fucked some random guy the other day.
by Nanami December 28, 2004
46 23

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A prostitute with a bad attitude towards everyone.
Why are you being such a bitchslut today?
by Dertt July 22, 2003
20 12
Girls who hang in or around a skate park to pick up guys.
Look at all these bitch-sluts.
That bitch-slut looks like Kevin Smith.
by Dr. Nox June 10, 2008
7 5
A double negative describing a Bitch who gets really slutly, but bitches while you are having sex with her.
Dude1: Damn I had sex with that Bitch Slut last night, she complained all night. I had to take aspirin just to finish screwing her.
Dude 2: That sucks man.
by Ya Man584 January 12, 2012
4 4
An eleven year old looking female whose unintelligent, and incredibly overprotective of her 25 year old looking boyfriend whos only using her so he doesn't have to rape actual eleven years olds and go to jail.
Did you see how that psycho girl responded to my wall post that was for her boyfriend? What a bitchslut! She looks way to young for him!
by Brannnnnn February 11, 2011
2 3