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1. The definition stated above.
2. Yangster - the term created by a rather large man to stress his name as a complimenting word.
Yang: I'm a YANGSTER!!!
Person: Shutup.
by Nev June 12, 2003
a delicacy at chars house involving standing on one foot and pretending to be Hawaiian
If my bean doesn’t become a buddy, i'll eat a toaster bunny pool noodle
by nev April 15, 2005
One of the two partners in Nevmo
Nev + Mohammed = Nevmo
by Nev June 11, 2003
pair of breasts that grabs attention. not always attractive can also be unusual in shape or size.
"Holy shit man, check out that fine ass bitch's norks for fucks snakes! She'd get it" or "No way man, look at those saggy norks on that fat cunt eating a pie over there! oiiii,who ate all the pies ya fat bitch"!
by NEV April 11, 2005
A Woggyx moderator, with ultimate power next only to Nevmo.
Stx owns
by Nev June 11, 2003
vulg. sl.: General exclamation indicating disbelief, boredom, etc., at someone overweight.
You reckon Arsenal are going to win? Fuck you chubby!
by Nev November 09, 2003
when one is so ugly that their head gives off rays of ugly
her head was so large and ugly that when the friend walked past the ugly bounced off and made the friend just as ugly therefore, she had caught ugly headidis
by NEv August 04, 2015

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