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Strange queer man who attends Girraween High in Sydney. Frequently used as a deadly insult.
"You're a prashbi"
by Nev June 10, 2003
Stupid Fatty who makes lames Jokes, is a MAN BOOB MONSTER and laughs like a girl.
Prashbi: "i am better than you".... (supposed to be an insult) LOL
by Stz June 14, 2003
a gay prick who has man boobs bigger than poons, jackies and rhetts combined...

used an insult, a derogetory term

often target of thread for dissing random people
1. Prashbi, ur gay
2. Stop acting like prasbi
3. Let all dis prashbi (yes that short for prashant - u know, the one with the big knockers)
by Staurt March 08, 2004
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