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Short for hashish, a processed form of marijuana.
I got really high after smoking some shish.
by Nathan Tiberius October 12, 2007
Slang for a pharmaceutical company or the pharmaceutical industry.
Big Pharma is not showing the stock gains it did in the 90's.
by Nathan Tiberius August 09, 2007
To verbally insult someone so bad that they are humiliated and are not able to retort.
We got into an argument and I ruined her!
by Nathan Tiberius July 02, 2007
The XY chromosome genetically defines the male as heterogometic.

This term implies that someone, or one of their actions, is a little feminine or not quite worthy of full maleness.
The way you jumped over that puddle was very Lower Case Y.
by Nathan Tiberius September 13, 2007
To be totally wasted.
I drank so much last night I was twusted.
by Nathan Tiberius July 02, 2007
What Snoop Dogg uses to clean his clothes.
Person 1: What does Snoop Doggy Dogg use to clean his clothes?
Person 2: Bleayatch
by Nathan Tiberius October 15, 2007
Calling someone a prick and emphasizing that the prick is indeed that individual aka "you."
Quit bothering me and get out of here ya prick ya!
by Nathan Tiberius August 09, 2007

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