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noun - primary one

NetBSD is one of several Unix-like operating systems stemming from the BSD4.4-lite release of the Berkeley Software Distributions.

Originally derived from 386BSD, on April 3rd, 1993, NetBSD (along with FreeBSD) later had to reimport their developments in March of 1994 to the BSD4.4-lite base after the settlement of a lawsuit between AT&T's USL and the University of Columbia/BSDi.

NetBSD has since moved to become one the most highly ported operating system in the world, running on more than 50 platforms.

Currently working towards the 2.0 release, tentitavely set for this spring, NetBSD is at 1.6.2 for it's stable release.

NetBSD was used for the base for the development of OpenBSD, a security focused BSD that runs on 11 platforms, when co-founder of the NetBSD Project Theo de Raadt was forced out of the core development team for personality and opinion differences.

noun - primary two

The NetBSD Project, the organisation that manages the development of the NetBSD operating system. The group that was responsible for registering NetBSD as a trademark and is charged with defending it.
Even though OpenBSD was started because of a fight between developers, NetBSD and OpenBSD freely share code.
by Nate July 07, 2004
Someone who is a bitch, or someone who is being a bitch.
Shutup, beo.
by nate March 12, 2003
short for "too fucking cool"
i tried calling rick, but he's tfc tonight with that fat new girl.
by nate March 18, 2005
when something stupid or awkward is said by one person, the offended/wierded out person for some reason, immidiately has the right to coursly rub the back of the idiots nech with two fingers in an attempt to hurt the idiot.
1. man that bathroom smells like hooch!
2. what? goose. it smells like goose?!
1. shit man! gimme mines!!
by nate March 26, 2005
having sex with a woman during her period.
come on now baby, you know i dont got no problem "running the red light"
by nate March 18, 2005
Similar to the above, but should be noted that it is most often used in IM sessions for shorthand expressing disregard for a previous statement, or malcontent for the others actions or neglect.

This has also been ported over to speech, where you can say the laters as written, or more easily expressed by saying "Dub d dub".
In person -
Nate: Chris, you are a blatant homo.
Chris: And you like it.
Nate: Dub d dub.
by Nate April 18, 2005
A phat fat ass!
Damn, girl! Let me grab some of that fine-ass ghetto booty!
by Nate July 24, 2003
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