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216 definitions by Nate

A dried layer of feces remaining on one's ass.
You nasty little shit cake!
by Nate January 18, 2004
52 17
poop or the action of taking a poop
i have to take a dooker
by nate August 27, 2003
60 26
Fraterday is between Thursday night and Sunday morning since these days are very conducive to drinking and partying.
Fraterday is the best day of the week!
by Nate August 19, 2006
47 15
A word I found out about through an interview with Aaron Lewis (the lead singer of the (great) band staind. he was asked why it was called "mudshovel" and he said it was a term for anal sex and h thought it was the funnuest thing he ever heard so he wrote as song about it. The mud being the shit in a girls ass and the shovel being the peins in it.
"dude, I had mudshovel with a hot bitch last night!!!"
by Nate June 19, 2003
73 42
pants with the waistband cut low, so that they hang off the hips instead of the waist
Low riders look good on Jennifer Lopez, but look nasty on that fat fuck Anna Nicole Smith!
by Nate June 06, 2003
51 22
an extremly blonde and large cocked young fellow.usually found in the upper parts of norwegia but could be found in America(very rare). ~They fetch a high price in bounties~YARRRRR!MATEY!
"There bes on of dos bjorns!get reinforcement so we can captre the yougIn!!"
by Nate November 11, 2003
105 77
Weekly wednesday night party at the notorious limelight club in NYC that peaked in the mid '90s. The club was eventually shut down amid drug-dealing scandal involving "house dealers" who sold and worked for the club. The individual who started the party, michael alig is currently in jail for murder of another Disco 2000 regular. This party has inspired several books and movies.
Nothing compares to Disco 2000, but those days are gone.
by nate March 18, 2005
35 8