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an excuse for a bunch of drunken Spaniards to get gored by crazed bulls
by Nate July 11, 2003
a sex act where a man fucks a woman doggstyle, grabs her titties, calls out another woman's name and HOLDS ON FOR DEAR LIFE
I got this bruise on my leg cuz your mom kicked me when I fucked her bronco buster style!
by Nate June 05, 2003
Medicine of or pertaining to the negro.
Innocent bystanding white man: Calm down, sir. Take some Africin!
by Nate March 10, 2005
The act of retrieving a corpse's innards and fecal matter by way of wrapping your lips around both orphaces while a friend jumps on the deads stomach
Come on guys I heard there was a triple fatality, the senior citizens bus wrecked, yall ready for some muggling.
by nate December 09, 2004
When two teams in a video game fight each other to see whos better
we have a clan match tomorrow against the rainy mafia
by nate August 12, 2004
when you have diarrea that all come's out at once making a sort of popping noise and spray's the toilet with shit.
Man I ate at del taco and then I gave the toilet a shotgun blast.
by nate July 12, 2003
DragonFlyBSD is one of several Unix-like operating systems stemming from the BSD4.4-lite release of the Berkeley Software Distributions.

Originally derived from FreeBSD 4.8, on July 16, 2003, DragonFlyBSD has imported many of the FreeBSD 5 tree's useful developments, mostly drivers and bug fixes.

DragonFlyBSD is focused at becoming highly scalable and is rewriting much of how the operating system uses it's processors. It is currently focused on the ix86 platform, but is keeping as open as possible to the AMD64, macppc, sparc and sparc64 architectures.

DragonFlyBSD's mascot is fred, a bright red dragonfly with his own plush dolls.

Currently working towards the 1.0 release, DragonFlyBSD is still not completely stable.

Using FreeBSD as the base Matt Dillon, a prominent Amiga, Linux and FreeBSD programmer, started DragonFlyBSD when a difference of opinion in how FreeBSD 5 should be developed arose, resulting in what some are calling the fourth major open source BSD.
DragonFlyBSD is a project with really big goals and a highly talented hacker leading it's development.
by Nate July 07, 2004

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