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DragonFlyBSD is one of several Unix-like operating systems stemming from the BSD4.4-lite release of the Berkeley Software Distributions.

Originally derived from FreeBSD 4.8, on July 16, 2003, DragonFlyBSD has imported many of the FreeBSD 5 tree's useful developments, mostly drivers and bug fixes.

DragonFlyBSD is focused at becoming highly scalable and is rewriting much of how the operating system uses it's processors. It is currently focused on the ix86 platform, but is keeping as open as possible to the AMD64, macppc, sparc and sparc64 architectures.

DragonFlyBSD's mascot is fred, a bright red dragonfly with his own plush dolls.

Currently working towards the 1.0 release, DragonFlyBSD is still not completely stable.

Using FreeBSD as the base Matt Dillon, a prominent Amiga, Linux and FreeBSD programmer, started DragonFlyBSD when a difference of opinion in how FreeBSD 5 should be developed arose, resulting in what some are calling the fourth major open source BSD.
DragonFlyBSD is a project with really big goals and a highly talented hacker leading it's development.
by Nate July 07, 2004
n. A person who smokes marijuana on a daily basis and is like that of a hippie. This person usually has extremely long hair and listens to music from the 1960s.
The fuckin' moondoggie, Scott, is always smoking pot.
by Nate June 14, 2004
noun - common

Central processing units that base their core design on the Intel 80386, "I386", architecture.

These include, yet are not limited to the Athlon, Pentium, Duron, Celeron, K6, Cyrix486 and IBM-PC microprocessor families.

noun - proper

Intel processors using a design derived from the 80386 architecture.
The most commonly used architecture for microprocessors today, the ix86's days are coming to an end with the rise of 64bit processors.
by Nate January 31, 2004
hilarimous comes from the word hilarious, but it is even funnier, usually used sarcastically
hahaha, man! that's hilarimous :P
by nate February 25, 2005
eighteen (can be plural)
like the word dozen means twelve (or two sixes), the word truzen means eighteen (or three sixes)
like bicycle and tricycle
man i have dozens, no, TRUZENS of children
by nate February 25, 2005
The foam that gushes out of a warm beer can; or situation that is bad, similar to the foam that gushes out of a beer can.
"That fart is pure froth!"
by Nate December 02, 2004
to occupy the time (read: fuck) an ugly chick so that your friends can fuck her friends
Damn! I gotta fall on the grenade again!
by Nate June 04, 2003

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