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Not an acronim for anything but is said when you want someone to calm down.
Hey man youre getting worked up, wtz, calm down, dont worry about it.
by Nate March 31, 2005
To cockslap, as it were.
One with an enormously large penis could potentially spaff a city, sending skyscrapers tumbling (imagine if the planes that flew into the World Trade Center were a giant penis--that would be a a city-spaffing.)


He finished rocking the crib with a swift spaff of the baby.
by Nate March 10, 2005
a really 1980's way of saying cool, see also gnarly don't belive me it was in commercials....
"these cakes are really XO"
by NatE March 04, 2004
I don't mean a vegetable dish. I mean getting your asshole licked, preferably with jelly or syrup... I prefer syrup!
I made my prison bitch toss my salad! He liked it!
by Nate June 19, 2003
it's supposed to smell that bad!
by Nate June 09, 2003
a kinky sexual game involving one woman, one man, whip cream, a bowling ball, and a marching band
by Nate June 06, 2003
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