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A perjorative term for someone so ugly, so exceedingly unattractive. that he or she is as "ugly as a butt" (a misnomer, since many buttocks are beautiful indeed). A popular teen-age slang term since the 80s, "butt-ugly" most probably began as military slang c. World War II. Probably because enlisted men found nothing attractive about another enlisted man's hairy, sweaty, very possibly pimpled butt!
That dude is so butt-ugly that just the sight of him makes me wanna puke!
by Victor Felix August 21, 2005
89 12
very ugly
(from butt=very)
This room is butt ugly.
by Light Joker March 21, 2004
87 25
As ugly as buttocks. Mostly like large, hairy and deformed buttocks.

(Not Jennifer Lopez's buttocks)
That bitch is butt ugly
75 28
Exceedingly ugly. Originated by GIs in WWII, this term is as fresh as ever.
He came in butt ugly after a night of hard partying
by Bill Peters November 09, 2006
47 19
A condition of being extremely ugly.
That dog is butt-ugly.
by Duckbutt May 26, 2006
28 14
A person or object deemed so ugly (unattractive physically) they had to add butt in front of it.
Damn, did u see that girl Ashleigh? She is butt ugly!!
by DubbinMau5 September 09, 2010
8 6