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1. The best game ever.
2. The worst game ever.
3. God dammit.
I used to love Nexus, but now god dammit.
by Nai October 04, 2003
Even more l33t form of Azn. Used only by people that are so stupid that they are a miracle of the modern world.

Me: Shut your hole, ass rammer.
by Nai August 04, 2003
Miracle drug of the future. It cures all diseases, including death. It also tastes like candy!

(WARNING: Do not exceed recommended dosage. May be fatal.)
"He had cancer, so he took Lolxinol and got better."
by Nai October 04, 2003
Home of Painzor, the destroyer.
Painopolis was once known as Mexico.
by Nai October 04, 2003
The coolest game ever!
"The best part of Fenrir's Sonata is when the clouds of letters maul you!"
by Nai October 04, 2003
Bow used by people possessing incredible om!
ombow rodls@#
by Nai October 05, 2003
The destroyer. He destroys things. What a jerk.
"Painzor is a jerk."
by Nai October 04, 2003

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