108 definitions by NATALIE

yes, with sarcastism. when questioning someone or confused by someone's statemant. - can also be used when u just dont care
"i went to the store last night, and bought plums" ( that was her story)
by natalie November 24, 2003
A person who is beautiful and some1 youd like 2 shag da fuck out off
'That boy is buff u know!' said Chanel to Natasha when they saw Dwaun walk across da street
by Natalie November 12, 2003
like cool but better
claire and nat are the best/ despite claire's lack of big chest/ they make others drool/ cuz they're too cool for school/ so much cuuuhhl-er than the rest
by Natalie September 10, 2003
a crazy person, or an action that was sparatic performed
hey yah KOOKLAH , quit hanging out that sunroof!
by natalie July 15, 2003
CUTPA: is it an abbreviation for Cock Up The Police Ass? it's something like FTP: Fuck The Police...
on the walls (grafitti...)CUTPA!!!
by natalie February 25, 2004
Sebastian Carvell, can be found in DeNiro's, Newmarket.
Shut up Seb you Sprite Goblin
by Natalie September 10, 2003
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