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someone who is not very hardcore
Fuck Off, Scutcore
by Natalie December 20, 2003
the female equivalent of chub. A female that is partially aroused or kind of wet, has a vubb.
Babe, you give me so much vub.
by natalie March 06, 2005
Townies think there so 'ard' and the queer lads wit trackies hit girls!!

Do ur bit to clean up the streets KILL a townie!!
p.s burn in hell fuckin townies
townie: 'oi slut'
me: 'yer, ok'
townie: 'y u getin lairy u wana fite or wot??'
me: 'wot eva jus get a life!!'
(realises how sad it is and runs to get big brother)
by natalie September 12, 2004
This is how most teenagers talk, this is used to flirt and talk to other teenagers. Adults are wary of it and all assume we are talking to perverts.
Wanna talk later? - sure we'll talk on msn messenger
by Natalie August 09, 2004
It means when somethin new happens! Or when something new hatches such as an idea
kokokachu i had an idea!!!!!!
by natalie November 28, 2003
yes, with sarcastism. when questioning someone or confused by someone's statemant. - can also be used when u just dont care
"i went to the store last night, and bought plums" ( that was her story)
by natalie November 24, 2003
Slang for something ming boggling... Easier and shorter than saying holy macrole(the whole phrase). Usually heard during a dramatic or suprised state of mind. The same meaning as "Holy Shit"!
When I saw you smash your guitar I was like "Holy Mac" but then i realized it was mine, and i was like "Holy Mac"!
by natalie November 15, 2003

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