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5 definitions by MrGinge10

Avin one leg longer thant tuther and talkin like a that another symptom maybe wonkie eyeballs
Look at that kid he got wonkie eyes and walking like he's shit himself he's probably got Frainiitus
by MrGinge10 November 14, 2010
when you constantly stink of B.O. and curry that comes from your vagina
The other week i noticed a woman who had extreme rohemiitus
by MrGinge10 September 21, 2010
vertically impaired prostituite or in other words a dwarf hoe
last weekend me an me boys picked up a midgestuite
by MrGinge10 September 21, 2010
when you have ingrowing genetalia
when i was born i had pog wow but had surgery to correct it
by MrGinge10 September 21, 2010
a sexual predator who preys on young children in the bath or shower
A young boy was attacked by a shampoo paedo when in his bathtub last weekend
by MrGinge10 September 19, 2010