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Generally a girl, name meaning a 'LOVER' loves one with all her heart, coming from a heritage of eastern background. Features are Big brown eyes, sweet smile, beautiful hair, very petite, not too petite. She is normally very kind, funny and soft hearted. She likes sultanas, mangoes and chocolates so be very generous with your sweets. She is very successful and smart and will achieve her goals. Can be known to be very stubborn however a girl like Avin has a big personality, she would stand out in a crowd and turns heads everywhere she goes.
Avin's worlds beauty is nothing compared to you.
by BOY FRIEND May 12, 2013
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Usually got a moustache from a young age and will have braces during teenage years. Has a obsession with the penis and loves everything around him. Avins normally have a close friend that is a girl, but will have lots of boy friends too! Avin is the type of guy that you will notice and that will stand out of the crowd. Like Mario and Luigi would at the Sonic festival
Oh look at that avin, what a moustache!
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