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means donkey in hindi, used as an insult if someone does something stupid
You cant do anything right, gadha!
by mo February 17, 2005
Shortened form of "whatever," normally meant in a playful manner.
"You suck"
"No, YOU suck."
by Mo April 23, 2005
extremely dark with blinding white teeth.
practically invisible at night
an oreo
by mo September 14, 2003
similar to a shithole. defines a loser's life.
My life is a living hellhole!
by Mo February 25, 2004
Sun Ce was the oldest son of Sun Jian,the founder of Wu,after his father was killed in an ambush,he ruled the Wu kingdom,but he died at the age of 25 in the year 200 A.D.His brother Sun Quan suceeded him
Sun Ce lived from 175 A.D.-200 A.D.
by Mo June 06, 2004
(see also Gimme Gimmes)

A band filled with immense ass-kickitude, containing any combination of the following:

Fat Mike - Bass
Spike Slawson - Vocals
Joey Cape - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Shiflett - Guitar
Dave Raun - Drums
"Gee golly, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes sure are the best band ever!"
by Mo August 01, 2004
A 'Clat' meaning cloth and use you immagination for bamba. Litterally means sanitary towel or ass wipe basically. Enjoy your new word!! lol
yo sik hed bamba clat
by MO December 14, 2003

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