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Sun Jian fought in the Yellow Turban Rebellion,then he became governor of Chang Sha,he found the Imperial Seal in a well,he stole it,and then he was killed in an ambush set up by Liu Biao,Sun Jian was the founder of the Wu dynasty,and he was posthumously named Martially Great Emperor in 229 A.D.Wu was later ruled by his two sons Sun Ce and Sun Quan
Sun Jian lived from 156 A.D.-192 A.D.Sun Jian was also known as the Tiger of Jiang Dong
by Mo June 06, 2004
numerous different ways of doing something
Oh man, he has styles when it comes to rollin' blunts...
by Mo July 31, 2003
Meaty Progressive Rock spiced with a little New Age salt and Country pepper.
by Mo December 04, 2004
An utterence used in frustration. Especially after a frag.
Flargh! You killed me!
by Mo March 17, 2004
A man who fought in the Yellow Turban Rebellion,he was the first emperor of the Shu Han Empire,he was sworn brothers with the great Guan Yu and the awesome Zhang Fei,when both Guan Yu and Zhang Fei died,Liu Bei grieved for them everyday,and died of sickness
Liu Bei lived from 161 A.D.-223 A.D.
by Mo June 06, 2004
A dope shawty.
"man look at derty yo"
damn dertyz fine
by Mo May 29, 2004
Sun Quan was the second son of Sun Jian,after his brother Sun Ce died,he ruled Wu,he became the Emperor of Wu in 229 A.D.he died in the year 252 A.D.
Sun Quan lived from 182 A.D.-252 A.D.
by Mo June 06, 2004

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