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35 definitions by Mickey Darling

a complete nightmare you have when you get to the grocery store and realize how much they have raised the prices.
i had a complete Freddy Kroger when the cashier announced the total in front of the 10 people behind me in line.
by Mickey Darling August 05, 2009
when you reach your pleasure threshold humping the 2 cushions on the couch and let out this uncontrollable involuntary churp noise that your hot neighbors here coming from your room on a lonely monday night and most certainly destroys any chance of you getting laid in the real world.
i totally blew it last night when my neighbors heard me reach my Climaximus Capacity, i'm such a loser, time to play Warcraft.
by Mickey Darling August 02, 2009
some of the most potent Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)
on the black market.

this shit will send you

straddling the fence to the spirit world status in the blink of an eye.
what's wrong with Prox?

i think he ate too many space biscuits, homie is so fucked up he is stitching quilts with Tommy Chong.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
girls that cry and whine for attention with their overly dramatic stories of how daddy won't buy them a new car and how much they hate life when they don't get their way are Drunk on Restasis.
that girl cried so many tears it was like she was drunk on restasis.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
when an overpaid lawyer deliberately manipulates paperwork so that a client is dismissed of his/her charges and walks away from a situation that they were guilty of.
Can you believe all the pencil jockeying that goes on in the american judicial system today?
by Mickey Darling August 04, 2009
a term used to express the ultimate insult to a fucktard.
you are so stupid, why are you putting The Mentors in the T section?

you must have spilled some dumbass on yourself.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
a steroid freak that thinks he's a sexual bulldozing stud and can't get past his own ego to realize he's a limp dick trying to fuck

a top notch bitch.
i heard that douchebag limpdozer Lou Ferrigno couldn't get it up for Liv Tyler and turned green on the set when Ed Norton found out and started laughing.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009